GSI - Global Sports IntegrityThe complete Integrity solution.

"Global Sports Integrity offer Regulation, Observation and Investigation services."

Global Sports Integrity offer the following services:


We can undertake a full scale independent review of a sport's rules including procedures for betting and competition cheating (eg: Rugby's bloodgate and F1's crashgate), and to advise on compliance structures and integrity processes while ensuring the Rules, as they apply to a particular sport, are fit for purpose.


Working with the major betting operators (traditional bookmakers and betting exchanges) and spread betting firms, we can install and maintain cutting edge monitoring tools to detect any unusual betting on your sport.  Alerts can be immediately communicated to the regulator and advice given. 


We can work with the regulator to investigate thoroughly the circumstances surrounding the unusual betting patterns and put the regulator in the best possible position to secure that all important conviction, or give the case a clean bill of health. As part of this, we will conduct retrospective analysis of the betting markets on a particular event and present our findings in a professional format fit for any tribunal.